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Rich's sub-20 100km Mac Challenge

Richard Cowler / Fundraise for RUN

Run the Maclehose trail (Trailwalker route) of 100km + 4,730m on 24 October 2020 in less than 20-hours to help RUNHK rehabilitate refugees through sports, education, and beyond.
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    Guy Peppiatt

    $300.00 / 333 days ago

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    R L N Nelson

    $500.00 / 333 days ago

  • 26939e1a1b229569bb364168cdbdbeba? nophoto

    Charlie Groves

    $206.00 / 337 days ago

  • 2425780ed13b4d764dcfcc7a81316ecb? nophoto

    John O’CONNOR

    $300.00 / 338 days ago

    Rich’s commitment and determination is an inspiration and the weather has arrived with perfect timing. The stars have aligned and with a worthy cause as your tailwind let the horses loose! Good luck, I know you can do it!

  • Da4127f5b36d431c1b7a2c53ef4a8b9b? nophoto

    Kenneth Lopez

    $200.00 / 340 days ago

    Go, go Rich!

  • 490964def0efa4463b9a0eff92fe9e88? nophoto

    Laura Knight

    $206.00 / 341 days ago

    Go Uncle Rich!!

  • Fa1b3eb4026f877568dffaf8b179a0d0? nophoto

    Amanda Hughes

    $250.00 / 342 days ago

  • 19cfca6134fccf25e3a4066e6ea5a431? nophoto

    Jason Benham

    $500.00 / 344 days ago

    Can't believe it's 4 years since we did this Rich. Good luck mate. I'm sure you'll easily smash our time and get sub 20 ... just don't pull up after the first 2 km ;-) Cheers, J

  • Avatar person


    $400.00 / 345 days ago

    This is mad but beautiful! I think you've taken the whole stairway to heaven thing to another level! I love the fact you dont even mention the nearly 5K extra! May the wind be at your back... Be strong, be safe. Be amazing! 🏃🏼‍♂️🥳

  • 0c2e68bb653b3c1bd832f23f553f6f9d? nophoto

    Julie Fahy

    $300.00 / 349 days ago

  • 775abe79c29aca77a079a8fd387e14a2? nophoto

    Richard Cowler

    $731.30 / 352 days ago

    This donation was made on behalf of Julia and Terry Stephens, and Kamla Dilrajh. Thank you!!!

  • A56d69a4a534bc7f6b6fe5672495fbff? nophoto

    Thomas Warren

    $206.00 / 355 days ago

    Put the wrong amount in first time round - topping up here :) Back on the log Cowler!

  • A56d69a4a534bc7f6b6fe5672495fbff? nophoto

    Thomas Warren

    $309.00 / 355 days ago

    Who’s going to carry the BOATS?!?! Get it done for Boat Crew Two chief! Love from Tom & Vix

  • 07d5de313a83c5e6d671c56cdcd9d80d? nophoto

    Paul Greenlaw

    $1,545.00 / 355 days ago

    Really impressed with your efforts and dedication Richard. Let's push for 20,000.

  • 775abe79c29aca77a079a8fd387e14a2? nophoto

    Richard Cowler

    $515.00 / 358 days ago

    This is donated on behalf of Jeanette & Alan Cowler & Lyn Hughes.

  • 790aa35824fe743fcdd32115354b5ed2? nophoto

    Kevin Tither

    $515.00 / 359 days ago

    Go forth and prosper and show that government workers have a conscience ... and better than ... those that don’t.

  • D4d18e20429376568eafc423c5673880? nophoto

    Angela Blake Peugh

    $515.00 / 360 days ago

    Absolutely love this effort for such a great group of people and organization! Great job Rich and wishing you the best of luck out there on the trails! ❤️🙌

  • 31433d84e1266c8a207cb76470706f73? nophoto

    Leung Kit

    $500.00 / 360 days ago

    Rich, go for it!

  • Ea29de4a455fe306458232a3ea381ba0? nophoto

    Philip Wood

    $200.00 / 360 days ago

    Good Luck Rich

  • 775abe79c29aca77a079a8fd387e14a2? nophoto

    Richard Cowler

    $1,030.00 / 360 days ago

    This donation is made on behalf of my generous colleagues Jerry, Joe, Luana & Chris. Thank you for your support.

  • Aa1e69d9986825f4c1c0dbf1debb2b8e? nophoto

    Angel Li

    $309.00 / 360 days ago

    Rich, have a great time! Running with joy!

  • 13a791f439d07f90854bd998d8981833? nophoto

    Stephanie Besson

    $100.00 / 360 days ago

    Giid luck Richard! You're my hero!!

  • C6a164c95e883091e6dd57d2cb4116a1? nophoto

    Paul Turner

    $500.00 / 360 days ago

  • 8be70e125437c8b2cf5396b59ce7206f? nophoto

    Jennifer Buck

    $500.00 / 361 days ago

  • 34f331d784803863c8eed2dd6b9fe4f2? nophoto

    Annie Chan

    $206.00 / 361 days ago

    Go Go Go Rich!!!

  • 1b5a883c2523a5f7345c361e6af66bad? nophoto

    Bo Ting Jeanne Wong

    $1,000.00 / 361 days ago

  • Bc25689125b3ad0b47351496a3e480aa? nophoto

    John Orams

    $300.00 / 361 days ago

    Good luck Richard. Gar Yow! 🙂👍

  • F055a07ae5bf17071ef00ed2a8554276? nophoto

    Marilyn Cowler

    $300.00 / 361 days ago

    Go go Ricardo!!

  • 775abe79c29aca77a079a8fd387e14a2? nophoto

    Richard Cowler

    $2,492.60 / 365 days ago

    This donation was made by the staff at my office, the NET Section. A big thanks to Heledd, Marian, Michele, Linda, Patricia, Jojo, Anita, John, Rachael, Fiona, Hetel, Al, Julien, Sue B, Lionel, Carol & Joey.

  • 89629edb0aad6dbdae80ea621eda7797? nophoto

    Stephen Leo Cooley

    $300.00 / 368 days ago

  • D296cc772c1970f406a92b8827b889d0? nophoto

    Ching Fai, Eva CHIU

    $200.00 / 369 days ago

  • A3478624de7c1d43bd20304908ef23b7? nophoto

    Kar Chi Yip

    $300.00 / 372 days ago

    Full Support!

About Rich's sub-20 100km Mac Challenge

Four years ago I ran the Maclehose (Trailwalker route) in 23 hours and I've been training for 8 months so I can put the pedal to the metal and beat that by at least 3 hours. On the day I'll have support from logistics genius, Paul Greenlaw, who'll be supporting all day and late into the night (hopefully not too late into the night! big thanks to you Paul), making sure I'm recharged with food and water and I'm kicked out of the support points super pronto. Raising money for RUN Hong Kong will really focus our attention on achieving that goal for you sponsors and helping to rehabilitate vulnerable refugees through sports, education, and beyond! 

The Maclehose Trail runs from the east of the New Territories in Hong Kong  to the west. The course is 97.94 km long and +6,562m of elevation gain. It will be a semi-supported run, meaning I will run with and carry at all times my own gear, food and water but I will have support points along the way to stock up on food and water.

The running community has been supporting the work of RUN HK for many years. And I've heard many testimonies to the powerful work that it does. A volunteer at RUN HK writes ' RUN HK (Rebuild, Unite, Nurture) ...(is) a small charity that is making a mighty impact among the most vulnerable refugees in Hong Kong by helping them to recover from trauma and creating a resilient and empowered refugee community through various programmes including sports. Over the years that I have been involved with RUN HK I have seen firsthand the tangible positive difference the mental health rehabilitation programmes is making. No surprise that the UNHCR recently praised RUN HK for its work.'

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