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Lucas Hemshall, Rob Reid-Kay, JP Stevenson and Nick Fiddis aka the 'Energy Masters' are taking on the epic 100km Maclehose trail, taking us from the unspoiled white sand beaches of Sai Kung Country Park in the east; across the many peaks of Kowloon with breathtaking vistas across Hong Kong and beyond and finishing in the up and coming GBA gateway of Tuen Mun to the west. The Energy Masters are raising money for RUN, a charity rehabilitating vulnerable refugees through sports & education in Hong Kong. 
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  • Anonymous

    $309.00 / 911 days ago

    Great achievement, something you can look back on and be proud of, something to draw strength and inspiration from going forward.

  • Peter McAlenan

    $399.64 / 931 days ago

  • Jane Maitland

    $250.00 / 933 days ago

  • Kathryn Brogan

    $515.00 / 934 days ago


    $206.00 / 935 days ago

  • Henry C S Jennings

    $309.00 / 935 days ago

  • Sam Alexander

    $525.00 / 935 days ago

    Insane effort from all involved!!

  • William McGarroch

    $250.00 / 936 days ago

    Well done you bloody brilliant group of fellas! What a special cause and impactful contribution you've made. Much love, William of clan McGarroch

  • Gary Yu

    $300.00 / 938 days ago

  • Colin Smith

    $1,000.00 / 938 days ago

  • Jess Jan

    $200.00 / 938 days ago

    best of luck !! x jjan

  • Dorothy Pun

    $500.00 / 938 days ago

    Go Energy Masters go!

  • Katrina Duck

    $1,000.00 / 938 days ago

    Goodluck from Katrina and Panos

  • Peter Sargant

    $888.00 / 938 days ago

    My the ground be firm at your feet, the sunshine and moon light your way & May the wind be at your back to speed you all along & may the helicopter be totally unnecessary 🙏🏼🏃🏃‍♂️🏃🏃‍♂️🏃


    $800.00 / 938 days ago

  • Kevin Utting

    $400.00 / 939 days ago

  • Anonymous

    $333.00 / 939 days ago

    For your brews, brotherman. - Stan

  • Alexandra Reid-Kay

    $5,000.00 / 939 days ago

    Amazing effort and a fantastic cause. Run boys run!!!!

  • Angus Reid-Kay

    $500.00 / 939 days ago

    Keep it simple. Don’t blow it. Count your miles!!!

  • Juan Ibarra Santos

    $206.00 / 939 days ago

    Good luck Bobby! Enjoy the jog ;)

  • Kenise Chan

    $200.00 / 939 days ago

    Run Run Run faster!!

  • Anver Ching

    $500.00 / 939 days ago

    Break a leg!

  • Anonymous

    $100.00 / 939 days ago

    From Panos - Go Boys

  • Anonymous

    $600.00 / 939 days ago

    "If I had to do it all over again, I would do it all over again" - Cliff Bersani

  • Anonymous

    $120.00 / 939 days ago

    On behalf of Alex Sherr Tian Long! 加油

About Energy Masters RUN

The Cause: 

RUN supports the most vulnerable refugees, focusing predominantly on women and their dependents, as they recover from the trauma they left behind in their home countries when they had to make the tough decision to flee to Hong Kong for safety. Unfortunately, Hong Kong does not take in refugees permanently, so the city acts as a 'transit' zone before they can get permanent settlement in another country. RUN strongly believes in the benefits of outdoor activity and exercise as a form of therapy to overcome the horrific trauma their participants have experienced. As well as physical activity, the charity offers various educational and employment programmes for their participants to develop their professional profiles as they prepare for lives in their eventual new host countries. 

The Team: 

Together, we are the 'Energy Masters' comprised of... 

Rob Reid-Kay, aka 'Pocari Sweat' - gets through a lot of Pocari and sweats a lot out...Rob is our always cheerful doctor and motivator on the trails. Although he has a habit of leaving the rest of the group at the mercy of his shuttle bus timetable, delaying the start of our practice hikes, this experienced beast of a man with his thunder thighs glides along with zero complaints and keeps the team together once on the trails 

JP Stevenson, aka 'Gaytorade' - our rugged American contribution to the team who proudly owns a growing collection of knitwear but tosses that aside in favour of toughening the f*** up and donning a 'mental jacket' when facing the sub-zero temps of Tai Mo Shan. JP enjoys consuming dubious dog meat sausages from Don Don Donki and ketchup flavoured 'cramp juice' during our brief breaks 

Nick Fiddis, aka 'Monster Energy' - engineer by day, mountain goat by night, Nick faces his fear of monkeys head on when passing the ape-infested Golden Hill and steams ahead along the trails like the monster he is. Nick may not appear to be the most polished of the group with his greasy mullet and bogan Aussie accent, but he is in fact a man who enjoys the finer things in life and is a top customer (and complainer) of food ordering apps 

Lucas Hemshall, aka 'Lucozade' - the baby of the team who is new to the world of ultra-running, the usual chatterbox Lucas becomes a focused man of few words when tackling the hills which he enjoys a love/hate relationship with - particularly the notorious and aptly named Cock hill in Sai Kung Country Park

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