30km Cycling Trip by Sha Tin College Students

Neil Hui / Fundraise for RUN

We are a group of students from Sha Tin College who want to fundraise to help refugees in Hong Kong through cycling.
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    Jimmy Pak

    $180.00 / 226 days ago

    Neil, uncle Jimmy is proud of you. Keep it up.

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    Cheuk Ho Lau

    $103.00 / 227 days ago

    Keep up the good work! Well done!!

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    Carr Ie Hui

    $100.00 / 229 days ago


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    Sum Yi Hui

    $206.00 / 229 days ago

    Add oil Neil and your friends for this meaningful fundraising cycling trip!

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    Wang YuKun

    $193.64 / 229 days ago

    Neil ,Add oil !

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    T H

    $100.00 / 229 days ago

    Great Job, Neil, Dylan and Faris! Looking forward to seeing you guys cycle 300km for the next fundraiser 💪

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    Yukmin Hui

    $515.00 / 229 days ago

  • Avatar person


    $88.00 / 229 days ago

    Very Good! Meaningful and Healthy! Enjoyed watching the video of your 30km Cycling Trip.

About 30km Cycling Trip by Sha Tin College Students

We will be cycling 30km and our cycling trip will be from Ma On Shan Promenade to Tai Mei Tuk and back.

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