Brighton to London "Coast to Capital" 130km Run Challenge

Harry Loasby / Fundraise for RUN

As the Chairperson of the recently founded Harbour Athletics Club, a running club for HKers who have moved to the UK, I want to cement our club's core values into our early history by raising awareness about those that are struggling back home, and how we can help empower them through sport.
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About Brighton to London "Coast to Capital" 130km Run Challenge

I'm raising money for RUN Hong Kong to rehabilitate vulnerable refugees through sports, education, and beyond! 

On April 15th, I will be running from Brighton Pier to Waterloo Bridge in London, via Down's Link - an old railway that has been converted into a trail. The run will be 130km and I will be representing the newly established Harbour Athletics Club, as well as those at RUN Hong Kong by travelling on foot from the coast to the capital as fast as I can. 

This will be the furthest I have ever run, and I hope to involve as many people as I can, and inspire others to challenge their own limits. Aside from raising awareness and money for RUN, my secondary goal is to help spread the word of our new club - Harbour Sports Club & the Harbour Athletics Club, which has been established in the UK to help Hong Kongers who have relocated to Britain integrate and be empowered through sport and education, just as RUN Hong Kong is doing for refugees in HK. We will also be fundraising for Harbour through this challenge, so if you want to support our mission over there as well, or just learn more about us, visit 

And to add a bit of spice to the challenge, my personal goals are to hopefully set PBs for 50 miles (8 hours, 14mins) and 100km (9 hours, 56mins) along the way, and finish the challenge in 14 hours or less! This would require an average pace of 6:27/km. If you live in Brighton, Guildford or London, or any of the nearby towns along the way, and have a connection to refugees, immigration, Hong Kong, running, or even none of the above! - please join me for parts of my challenge! Everyone is welcome to tag along.

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