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RUN rehabilitates refugees through sports, education, and beyond. At the moment with the pressures of COVID, closures of sport facilities, and ongoing food shortages, refugees are under huge emotional and mental pressures to get through their day to day life.
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    Peter Hopper

    $515.00 / 592 days ago

    As ever, run hk.... our top supported charity ... go Virginie !!!

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    Andre Blumberg

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    Elliot Froidevaux

    $1,030.00 / 592 days ago

    Crazy Steve! 😘

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    Matthew Pocock

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    Michael Ormiston

    $1,650.00 / 595 days ago

    $10 for every K. Once you finish I will double the donation!

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    Brendan Lee

    $500.00 / 595 days ago

    Good luck Steve! What an adventure and as always ana amazing cause.

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    Andre Blumberg

    $515.00 / 602 days ago

    Steve, this is to get you to the start. Additional HK$10 per completed km. If you complete the full distance, further topping up to an overall total of HKD5,000. Enjoy the journey.

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    Rupert Chamberlain

    $1,030.00 / 615 days ago

    Good luck!

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    Nicholas Forde

    $515.00 / 616 days ago

    Good luck Steve- enjoy the journey!

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    James Demer

    $206.00 / 616 days ago

    You’re amazing Steve!

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    John Ellis

    $3,000.00 / 618 days ago

    Well done Steve. Great challenge and great charity. I'd love to put my hand up to help kick you along the course on challenge day 🙋‍♂️

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    William Hayward

    $1,000.00 / 618 days ago

    Just keep your shirt on, Steve

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    Anja Rozenzweig

    $2,000.00 / 618 days ago

About A little Run for RUN

I'm raising money for RUN Hong Kong to rehabilitate vulnerable refugees through sports, education, and beyond! 

We (RaceBase) would usually organise the RUN Trail Race which generates funds to help RUN do amazing work. Without these funds over the last three years, RUN has had a source of charitable income vanish. 

RUN do incredible and purposeful work and offer a wide range of programmes which impact refugees directly and purposely. From hiking to heal, to education programmes, to children services, to healthcare. They are not letting one be left behind. 

RUN has been part of my life for the last 7 years or so through track sessions to then organising a trail race. I feel it is now time as an individual to do what I can. It is time to stand up and be counted. 

So at 00:01 on the 15th of April, I will leave TST Clock Tower to run 165km around most of the perimeter of Kowloon and the New Territories to the Chinese Border, and then back down the opposite side of Kowloon back to the clock tower. 

After 7 weeks of training what could be the worst that can happen! 

You can follow the car crash as it happens here

You can find out more about what your money will go towards here: https://www.runhk.org/donate/

SCMP - Run Profile

SCMP - 6th March 2022

SCMP - 11 March 2022

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