200km run in Bhutan for RUN HK

Amanda Noubel / Fundraise for RUN

It doesn't only happen to others. Stand with refugees and asylum seekers!
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    You smell

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    So proud of you Amanda, and of the admirable and impactful work of Run. Bravo!

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    Supported you for Cambodia, so of course for Bhutan too! (except this time I’m comin’ with ya!) 😊

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    Lawrence Wong

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    Epic challenge for a wonderful cause. Supporting you all the way!

About 200km run in Bhutan for RUN HK

Time for a new challenge! In September 2021, I will be heading to Bhutan to run 200km (with +7,000m elevation) over 6 days. 

I am choosing to raise funds for RUN HK, to support the amazing work they do rehabilitating refugees through sports and education. Why should we help refugees and asylum seekers? Because what has happened to them can happen to anybody. 

A few years ago, I started volunteering with RUN and met some truly inspiring men and women. As we became friends, they shared some of their stories that struck me as strangely familiar. My mum's family was in Algeria since its colonisation by France in 1830. 5 generations later, the war of independence broke out and my grandparents had to flee their home with their children and a few belongings, to a country they had heard of but never been to: France. My mum was 1.5 years old at the time. 

I grew up knowing this part of my family history, but never truly understood what they went through until I spoke with some of RUN's participants. Although our stories are not the same, we left our homes and friends behind and our lives turned upside down, and no one knew what lay ahead. If you look into your own family history, you might be surprised to find that similar events happened not too long ago. 

It doesn't only happen to others. Let's stand with refugees!

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