5km run everyday for 2 weeks (4/3/2023-4/17/2023)

Andrew Liu / Fundraise for RUN

RUN is a great place to people in need.
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  • Chye Huat Edmund Lee

    $300.00 / 423 days ago

  • Minnan Zhao

    $20.00 / 424 days ago

    Huge thanks to An Lan from The Harbour School for this 20 HKD donation. His generous contribution is a step closer from exceed our 1000HKD goal.

  • Minnan Zhao

    $30.00 / 426 days ago

    Thank you so much for your generous donation Ian! Andrew really appreciates your support for his fundraising efforts!

  • James Hirano

    $50.00 / 426 days ago

    Democrats rule -From Yoshi in Ohio

  • Minnan Zhao

    $300.00 / 426 days ago

    Directly quoting your Aunt Zhang: "A big pat on the shoulder to Andrew's social responsibility and personal commitment! Let the fund-raising goal reach 180%!"

  • Minnan Zhao

    $68.82 / 427 days ago

    Thank you, Ella and Hazel, for your kind and generous support for Andrew's RUN for Refugees Fundraiser!

  • Jack Orton

    $300.00 / 427 days ago


    $500.00 / 428 days ago

    Thank you so much for the Pong Family's generous donation! We are extremely grateful for your support for Andrew's cause, and your contributions towards helping alleviate the refugee crisis in Hong Kong!

  • Minnan Zhao

    $187.53 / 428 days ago

    This donation is from Ms. Lily, Ms. Weng, and Ms. Zhang. Thank you for your generous and kind support towards our cause:Run For Refugees, as well as your contributions to Andrew's GIC Project!

  • Minnan Zhao

    $342.52 / 428 days ago

    300 RMB donation is from Andrew's friend, Austin Xu's family. Thank you so much for the Xu's family's generous support for refugees and also Andrew's GIC project. With Love, Andrew's family

  • Minnan Zhao

    $103.00 / 429 days ago

    Go!Andrew! You have done a wonderful job!!!

About 5km run everyday for 2 weeks (4/3/2023-4/17/2023)

Hello, I'm Andrew and I'm 10 years old in 5th grade. I'm raising money for RUN Hong Kong to rehabilitate vulnerable refugees through sports, education, and beyond. I also have a project called GIC (Global Issue Conference) and I want to help solve a global issue.This means that I'm helping the refugees in need and also doing my GIC project at the same time.

4/3   4/4   4/5   4/6   4/7   4/8   4/9

5.37km    5.57km    5.27km   4.4km   5km   13.1km(walking)   9km(walking)

4/10 4/11    4/12    4/13    4/14 4/15 4/16
didn't run because busy  tennis 
        5km      5.4km    didn't run due to being    busy   20km(ocean park walk) Tennis


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