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Make a 2020 Pledge for Refugees

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I will be taking a soul holiday and running Hong Kong Four Trails Challenge, a 298km self supported outing in my beautiful Hong Kong. Nothing is impossible if you try hard enough, love enough and fight enough. I am dedicating this adventure to my (refugee) family and all its beautiful friends and I am grateful to be able to start, as running, running free, running healthy is a precious gift that we can never take for granted. This journey would not not be possible without my precious coaches David Jacquier and Justin Andrews, and my crew led by Brenda Sawyer. Please do support as together we can make a difference and stand #withrefugees.

Join me in making a pledge for refugees in 2020. Make a small donation of $20 or even $0.20 and use the comments section after the transaction to tell us about your pledge!
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  • Fd04bc8ab44916e6b63909d82273230e? nophoto

    William Hayward

    $500.00 / 243 days ago

    Congratulations, Virginie, on your epic performance! An extra donation plus saying thanks to Janine and Mo for all their support for me over the weekend.

  • F2d3c74e53f91836ac15fc134881cccc? nophoto

    Daniele Cassidy

    $20.00 / 243 days ago

  • F596cd77145643ba650a90595e95a54c? nophoto

    Riina Yrjola

    $1,000.00 / 245 days ago

    Go Virginie Go!

  • C715a2d718f649e2e16acefcb27907ea? nophoto

    Suet Ngor, Joanna Chan

    $500.00 / 248 days ago

    Virginie, I am truly proud of you! Always Run Hong Kong - try hard enough, love enough and fight enough, everything is possible!!!

  • A0fa0f4cc0b0e55d4a0c501432dbfc2b? nophoto

    Karola Horvath

    $2,000.00 / 248 days ago

  • 5760713bb90cc9404814399122508fda? nophoto

    Margit Schmid

    $1,000.00 / 248 days ago

  • D6a9c2960c2eea6d0ea1dc10cdc3687f? nophoto

    Caren Julianne Hennig

    $100.00 / 248 days ago

    Awesome work, and good luck!!

  • Fd04bc8ab44916e6b63909d82273230e? nophoto

    William Hayward

    $200.00 / 248 days ago

    You're an inspiration, Virginie, and it will be a privilege to run alongside you on this epic challenge. Good luck!

  • 98e7d57021abf06266bac90ef3baa1e2? nophoto

    Serrie Fung

    $20.00 / 248 days ago

    In 2020, I pledge to find an organization that works with refugees in Memphis to support.

  • 0ff7c2c95f80d28348b8b6ba76f74401? nophoto

    Andrew Strachan

    $500.00 / 249 days ago

    Best of luck Virginie, will be following your huge efforts on this immense physical challenge for this great cause!!

  • Cba2b8f48df66eb8dae93e0c15d93ef7? nophoto

    Janine Canham

    $500.00 / 252 days ago

    You are one of the best role models and kindest human beings we know. Hope you crush (and enjoy) your challenge. Janine & Mo xx

  • 8b29941d29d438ca6239414d7f7ed426? nophoto

    Karen Wei

    $500.00 / 254 days ago

    Your RUN family is a gift, a blessing and will definitely motivate you to chug along, just like it did for Ally & I in Mongolia. go Go GO V!!!!!

  • A20face79ef9e1d22f09d267b78cb3c5? nophoto

    Colin Whittington

    $500.00 / 255 days ago

    Virginie we are with you all the way on this tough journey. You lead by example and a credit to humanity.

About Make a 2020 Pledge for Refugees

It's easy to feel overwhelmed reading about the global refugee crisis - the numbers are huge (and growing) and the issues are complex. But each of us has a role to play in supporting refugees in our community. That's why I invite you to join me this year in making a pledge to support refugees in 2020.

You can make a pledge in three easy steps:
  1. Make a small donation of $20 or even $0.20 using the donation button to your right.
  2. Use the comments section (which appears once you've make the transaction) to tell us about your pledge.
  3. Share your pledge on social media using the hashtag #refugeepledge2020 and encourage others to do the same.

Our RUN participants will also be joining to share their pledges here.

Here are some ideas to get you started, but we encourage you to come up with your own!
  • Pledge to become a monthly donor of an organisation serving refugees
  • Pledge to support a refugee-led business
  • Pledge to write a letter to your local newspaper or government officials about the treatment of refugees
  • Pledge to host a movie night with your friends to screen a documentary about refugees
  • Pledge to use your social media platform to share educational information about refugees every month
What will you pledge for refugees?

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