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Janine's World Marathon Challenge for Refugees

Janine Canham / Fundraise for RUN

In February 2020, I will be running 7 marathons across 7 continents in 7 days to raise money for vulnerable refugees in Hong Kong. RUN participants will be joining me in my challenge by matching the distance I run right here in Hong Kong! Please sponsor us as we embark on this challenge together.
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    $210.00 / Yesterday

    oops. conversion issues lol. great meeting you. you are amazing!

  • E683b1d781961bd9d3350404c7d35363? nophoto

    Brandi Myers

    $35.00 / Yesterday

  • 9f9be8a7795d49b3a062b03dc1e0f912? nophoto

    Stone Tsang

    $200.00 / 4 days ago

    I am so proud to see my granson Silas finishing the tough challenge, He is truely amazing! I am so touching to see he putting a lot of effort for doing this challenge, And thanks for organising this meaningful activity to support refugees HK! Thank you!

  • 0a96894adfdd53375931d43dfc765a43? nophoto

    Shandy Cheung

    $500.00 / 4 days ago

    I was so proud of my son Silas finishing the 7 weeks challenge! and would like to support his run and this meaningful challenge and fundraising. ThankS

  • 4ae4478577be0052ab2cf864de4f7818? nophoto

    Eric Marchesseau

    $2,000.00 / 4 days ago

    Fantastic achievement, well done Janine!

  • F42529dd2c85f1b009a5536f7739afe8? nophoto

    Yuet Yi Lau

    $500.00 / 11 days ago

    I am inspired by Silas's running challenge story! I want to support his run and this meaningful fundraising activity!

  • 50c95eef69ec21988a9c96f81897348c? nophoto


    $500.00 / 11 days ago

  • 9301de0798d196a43b909cf2f8efba1a? nophoto

    Aislinn Malone

    $500.00 / 12 days ago

    Best of luck with this amazing challenge, your story is very inspirational.

  • 0a8e2686630c45d94100821df8364c95? nophoto

    Nat Webster

    $200.00 / 13 days ago

    Good luck Janine. What an incredible challenge to take on and a great cause to support. I’m in awe!

  • 14e1e4cfd9c99d188ef129ca4a86ef54? nophoto

    Steven Harry Clark

    $300.00 / 13 days ago

    Keep going Janine! Such an inspiring lady and for such a good cause . Enjoy every moment and remember one step in front of the other ❤️

  • 4142273b9509996c6e2a4c64b3f6fcbd? nophoto

    Andrew Hall

    $1,000.00 / 13 days ago

    Keep it up Janine. You can do it! Think of all those you are helping and well done for doing this for them.

  • D2bd2a3718224bef419a463648fb46f1? nophoto

    Andre Cheung

    $200.00 / 14 days ago

    Respect and support💪

  • 9609192d48de0015514e18735a619f68? nophoto

    Helen Pink

    $750.00 / 17 days ago

    Amazing story, Janine, you are truly an inspiration. all the very best for this terrific challenge.

  • D518aa19606236e4b33361e3449bd438? nophoto

    Arnout Van Rijn

    $777.00 / 17 days ago

    Mark told me about your challenge. It inspired me. Hope you will enjoy every bit of it, Antarctica, wow! Keep going Janine!

  • E079f385f7101d8efd711939e4368d57? nophoto

    Katrina Walker

    $750.00 / 20 days ago

    Wow just wow! Good luck Katrina x

  • 0978a1ce4bf93a438d66c66b7d730e77? nophoto

    Pui Ki Veronica Southgate

    $1,000.00 / 20 days ago

    Janine, you are amazing! Keep running girl, will follow your challenge closely.

  • C5189009eb9e90ef220b833d0d16bbc5? nophoto

    Sherri Loh

    $500.00 / 20 days ago

    All the best with this incredible challenge. We will be thinking of you! Sherrin, James, Jack & Sasha xxx

  • Fb2d0c7076bba926214eb1f9d637d6a5? nophoto

    Sam Fletcher

    $800.00 / 20 days ago

    All the best for next week, will be cheering you on from Hong Kong!

  • F1effd3f4602bbed16e4991f2c219851? nophoto

    Stroma Finston

    $1,000.00 / 21 days ago

    AWESOME! Go Janine!!!

  • 359c644fa2cce8a14317c87fc080a15c? nophoto

    Sofie Jacobs

    $500.00 / 22 days ago

    GO GO GO Janine!! Crazy adventure for an awesome cause!!!

  • C178ed78f0d81186be13e98b791c4bba? nophoto

    Mark Blumberg

    $200.00 / 22 days ago

    Go Janine, amazing dedication for an amazing cause. Good luck with the race!!

  • F11832dd7433f4e2142a988a758b80f5? nophoto

    Kim Matthews

    $300.00 / 22 days ago

  • F003737f58268e9ca37d43df5f01692f? nophoto

    Amandine Courret

    $300.00 / 23 days ago

    Go Janine: a small support gesture for an amazingly inspiring adventure, respect and all the best in the highs and the lows, we'll be cheering for you and the refugees will surely too! :)

  • 1cca3c2e4444c25c78b5433507fddc83? nophoto

    Octavia Orchard

    $200.00 / 23 days ago

    What an amazing race you have entered. Super human effort and awe-inspiring challenge and charity. Good luck!

  • 747c975a08ae92d47a2c04b356d2a285? nophoto

    Alison Cooke

    $500.00 / 28 days ago

    Go Janine!

  • 74e43f2976d4ac88197882be11bf8446? nophoto

    Katrina Hamlin

    $200.00 / 28 days ago

    Wishing you the very best of luck! Can't wait to hear the stories...

  • 935f69b0ff4aeeef0d9e81b98af651d1? nophoto

    Chiaki FJELDDAHL

    $500.00 / 32 days ago

  • 5e1e4ab7f283d74e83b47f78a61909fa? nophoto

    Wing Kent Yeung

    $200.00 / 32 days ago

  • F022716ffe2295e560b8221a5d8547d2? nophoto

    Yan Wai Alice Cheung

    $200.00 / 34 days ago

    Very meaningful and worth supporting. Am particularly moved by the goodwill and dedication of Stone Tsang and his son Silas who participated in the fund raising.

  • 1cb03ebb8228bef443007354c793c20c? nophoto

    Christine Prokopiak

    $10.00 / 40 days ago

  • Avatar person


    $200.00 / 44 days ago

  • 847299ccf9bf12bbf031652d303a9649? nophoto

    Mark Cox

    $7,000.00 / 50 days ago

  • Avatar person


    $135.00 / 50 days ago

  • C92983e23b64603c3510a3dd2787e9a4? nophoto

    Andy Gild

    $200.00 / 52 days ago

  • 112c1064a1ff372ef64dc792c8abab7c? nophoto

    Jazz Lam

    $300.00 / 52 days ago

  • 17889786dd3c39050c352663e88d66ed? nophoto

    Hayley Goldberg

    $500.00 / 53 days ago

  • 45a9cd414d79bd76c1f8b7c24bffc59f? nophoto

    Andrew Sewell

    $2,000.00 / 65 days ago

    Thanks for the inspiration Janine. Through you we have discovered the RUN charity. Wishing you a great year ahead!

  • Cba2b8f48df66eb8dae93e0c15d93ef7? nophoto

    Janine Canham

    $30,842.00 / 66 days ago

    Cash raised from the Gone Running Will Hayward night and from our ALTRA RUN 777 Challenge. Thanks to everyone who signed up so far !

  • 8d3232a3f9c06034db8a9366266e68d3? nophoto

    Theresa Vaid

    $777.00 / 68 days ago

    Awesomeness Janine! Go go go!

  • 344471b59a4eab7aa81f67edeec23b34? nophoto

    Mayank Vaid

    $777.00 / 68 days ago

    Go Janine! We are with you.

  • A09bbe367a53630fdd8a305791cd0cf5? nophoto

    Amanda Noubel

    $300.00 / 72 days ago

  • 61146c38ba65b8acc97e2ab54d7cb957? nophoto

    Angela Flynn

    $400.00 / 73 days ago

    All the best Janine! Great cause.

  • Faa16b4973f105ced23e1a9b87e45727? nophoto

    John Wacker

    $1,000.00 / 75 days ago

    Go, Janine!

  • Cba2b8f48df66eb8dae93e0c15d93ef7? nophoto

    Janine Canham

    $400.00 / 77 days ago

    Thank you to BRIAN MCFLYNN for the cash donation and for signing up to the 777 HK challenge!

  • Cba2b8f48df66eb8dae93e0c15d93ef7? nophoto

    Janine Canham

    $539.00 / 77 days ago

    Thank you to CHARLOTTE TAQUET for the cash donation and for signing up to the 777 HK challenge!

  • Cba2b8f48df66eb8dae93e0c15d93ef7? nophoto

    Janine Canham

    $539.00 / 77 days ago

    Thank you to JEFF CAMPBELL for the cash donation and for signing up to the 777 HK challenge!

  • C62c0b21c3bde11fc104a409dc42907f? nophoto

    Milos Pintrava

    $500.00 / 79 days ago

    All the best!

  • Bca325ccbc51f10669971ba8d30a5fb7? nophoto

    Jayne Schrantz

    $1,000.00 / 86 days ago

    So inspiring! I’m really excited for you, Janine, and for the RUN family. Good luck!!

  • 92c8943df0ae6788252b04b8e51188f2? nophoto

    Eileen Koo

    $500.00 / 86 days ago

    Way to go Janine!

  • 29065795a6472fe3d118649f3c9be1da? nophoto

    Ravin Melwani

    $2,000.00 / 87 days ago

  • 91e9a300bc0da6d2792d4038998cad6a? nophoto

    Chung Hin Brandon Wong

    $250.00 / 87 days ago

    Go Janine!

  • 90145d89e027b47b8f6be7936bb43657? nophoto

    Kaman Yau

    $500.00 / 87 days ago

    Such an inspiration for a fabulous cause!

  • 790110568a0b18cdec4484a6df426967? nophoto

    Virginie Goethals

    $500.00 / 88 days ago

    You go girl for all our RUN ladies !

  • 8b29941d29d438ca6239414d7f7ed426? nophoto

    Karen Wei

    $1,000.00 / 88 days ago

    Go Janine, GO!!!!!

  • E4a9c286723981ea14f736ca0201e1cc? nophoto

    Frank Pilkington

    $1,000.00 / 93 days ago

  • 3364fe962323586662d8e805d1e1cd02? nophoto

    David Dudek

    $450.00 / 105 days ago

    Good luck

  • 3364fe962323586662d8e805d1e1cd02? nophoto

    David Dudek

    $50.00 / 105 days ago

    Great cause and excellent event

  • E023a157c03f4e886d6037ee1e9a884e? nophoto

    Sian Abate

    $500.00 / 110 days ago

    Fantastic cause Janine, I’m sure you’ll smash the challenge!

  • 2cc3d7430b44ddb8a27beb08896c8d9b? nophoto

    Andre Blumberg

    $1,000.00 / 111 days ago

    Keep inspiring us all Janine. Good luck with the Challenge and we’ll all be sure to follow your journey!

About Janine's World Marathon Challenge for Refugees

In February 2020, I will be running 7 marathons across 7 continents in 7 days in the World Marathon Challenge to raise money for vulnerable refugees in Hong Kong. RUN participants will be joining me in my challenge by matching the distance I run right here in Hong Kong!

I was brought up in war-torn Beirut where I lived until the age of 12. My father is Lebanese and my mother is British, so when the war broke out, we were able to flee Lebanon and relocate in England. I still remember vividly the day we left with the help of an army escort organised by the British Embassy. We lost our home and many of our friends, and left all our personal possessions behind. We were extremely fortunate that we were able to escape safely and start a new life. I feel I should pay back some of that good fortune by helping those who, like the refugees in Hong Kong, have lost everything but don't have the same chances as we did to lead a normal life again.

As of July 2019, there are 13,000 asylum seekers in Hong Kong. They have fled from some of the world’s most serious human rights abuses in some of the hardest places to call home. They arrive in Hong Kong, alone and desolate, with nothing but the clothes on their backs and the few possessions they were able to bring with them. The approval process for refugee status is notoriously slow in Hong Kong, with some refugees waiting in limbo for years. While waiting in Hong Kong, they are not allowed to work, forced to rely on a tiny monthly stipend of HK$1,500 for housing.

I really admire the dedication and passion Virginie puts into this cause and I feel honoured to be able to help in some small way. I have been helping RUN with fundraising efforts both on a personal level and in my capacity as co-Chair of the Corporate Social Responsibility Task Force at AB Bernstein where I work, and the World Marathon Challenge will be my biggest challenge yet!

How can you help?

#1. Make a donation. Your donation can make a huge difference for Hong Kong's most vulnerable refugees.
  • HK$1,000 covers transportation for 15 refugees to get to Hong Kong's beautiful trails
  • HK$3,000 covers childcare for 60 refugee children so that their parents can participate in our programmes
  • HK$5,000 covers six months of education programmes for one refugee
  • HK$7,000 covers six months of sports programmes for one vulnerable refugee mother (including transportation, meals, and child care)
#2. Sign up with the Gone Runners Running Club to run 7 marathons in 7 weeks!
More details here.

About RUN
RUN is a Hong Kong-based charity that rehabilitates vulnerable refugees through sports, education, and beyond. We support vulnerable refugees to Rebuild their mental and physical strength, Unite as a community and with the local Hong Kong community, and Nurture each other through sports, food, friendship, and education. Find out more by visiting our website or watching our video.

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