Eva and Lucas versus the Sahara Desert!

Lucas Whitworth / Fundraise for RUN

In April 2020 Lucas and Eva will be participating in 'the hardest footrace on earth' - the 35th edition of the Marathon Des Sables. This entails 6 days of running/limping/crawling/rolling through 250km of sandy desert, dunes and jebels in temperatures reaching well over 40 degrees, whilst also carrying over 10kg on our backs. They are running this in aid of RUN HK; a great Hong Kong charity which helps rehabilitate refugees through sports, education and community projects. Further information about the great work RUN HK do and the race itself are below:
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    Bequia Prestt

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    You’re both crazy! A massive good luck, we’re very impressed :) Lots of love Bequia & Rory XxXx

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    Lucy Clegg

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    Good luck Eva! Wishing you all the best. Lots of love from Luce and Ant xxx

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    Sarah Parry-Jones

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    Good Luck Guys!! Hope you've started hardening your feet! You're mad but the bevs at the end will be well deserved, Love Sarah & Ric xxx

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    Best of luck guys! Hope the training is going well! X

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    Good luck team! Amazing effort! David & Emma x

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    Good luck guys! Love Sophie and Tom xxx

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    Andrea Petitcollin

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    Good luck you two - sending all my love even though I think you’re completely insane (/amazing as well) xxxxxx

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    Ailsa Majlath

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    Best of luck, you both are amazing!

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    Good luck !!!!

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    Good luck guys!!! You are both mental!!!! Xx

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    Good luck Eva and Lucas - a fantastic charity. Don’t forget your sunscreen xx

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    Good luck guys!!

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    Huge good luck pals!! We are really proud of you. Ffi and James xx

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    Good luck and lots of love, Babs xxx

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    You guys will be magic. All the luck!

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    Eva Parry-jones

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    Lucas Whitworth

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    Lucas Whitworth

    $500.00 / 237 days ago

About Eva and Lucas versus the Sahara Desert!

We have been participating in trail running across Hong Kong for the past 18 months and have seen the great work that RUN are doing to help refugees in supporting then through sports and education. The RUN members that we have come across at races are always incredibly open and friendly and the friends and family always give everyone a good cheer! RUN has created a great community to help rehabilitating refugees through sports, education, and beyond.

In April we will be participating in the 35th edition of the Marathon Des Sables 250km of rolling sand dunes and huge jebels over 6 days through the Sahara Desert with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees. The race is self sufficient meaning everything we need (food, sleeping bag etc) needs to be carried in our backpacks, with water provided on a rationed basis. Whilst this is undoubtedly going to be the hardest thing we have done, the suffering and struggle we will face will only be temporary - once we (hopefully) cross the finish line we have homes and family to return to, whereas many people do not have these luxuries and face so many challenges on a daily basis.

We would love to raise as much money as possible through sponsorship to make a small difference in supporting Hong Kong's refugees to a better standard of living. 

HK has roughly 14,000 refugees and asylum seekers who receive only HK $1,500 (£150) per month for rent and HK $1,200 (£120) per month in food vouchers - they are not permitted to work in HK. With HK being one of the most expensive cities for property rental this does not go far at all. 

Run HK provide fantastic support with various programmes such as a Women's Hiking, Adult Education and Leadership amongst others - the money you donate will go directly to funding similar programmes and make a direct impact on the lives of refugees in HK. 

Thank you for reading - please reach out to either Eva or Lucas if you would like any further information!

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