We aim to raise money to support RUNHK in rehabilitating refugees through sports, education, and beyond.
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About Sports-a-thon

We're a group of students from South Island School raising money for RUN Hong Kong to rehabilitate vulnerable refugees through sports, education, and beyond! This fundraising event is similar to a read-a-thon, and you can choose a sports related activity to measure such as kilometres ran or goals scored. Friends and family of these individuals can then sponsor them for each increment of the activity such as $20 for every kilometres ran $20 for every 3-point shot made in Basketball. The activity completely up to your choice, so once you’ve chosen an activity, it’s time to find some friends and family to sponsor you for every repetition of the activity. For example, if I’ve chosen to measure the number of free throws I make, my family and friends can sponsor $20 for every free throw made. Then, all you need to do is get active and try to raise as much money as possible! Thank you for your donations and participation!

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