Team SMBC Aviation Capital Hong Kong- 3 Peaks Challenge

Martin McCoy / Fundraise for RUN

In support of RUN Hong Kong, a team of 4 from SMBC Aviation Capital Hong Kong (Martin McCoy, Kevin Johnston, Brian McArdle, and Nicolas Clouet) is taking on a challenge of climbing the three highest peaks of the three largest landmasses in Hong Kong in a day: New Territories (Tai Mo Shan @ 957m), Lantau Island (Lantau Peak @ 934m) and Hong Kong Island (Victoria Peak (@ 552m). For our Irish colleagues, friends and family, to put this in context, it’s roughly the same distance and elevation as climbing the highest mountain in Ireland (Carrauntoohil) three times back-to-back.
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  • A5cdd19c0c17c51ebdf21d72977b606a? nophoto

    Man Chun Chan

    $2,000.00 / 495 days ago

    Gentlemen, The local weather makes this a particular challenge. Good luck and take good care of yourself on the day! Kevin

  • B0269d26576caff8538c2d3dfcef48ab? nophoto

    Diarmuid Healy

    $1,730.00 / 497 days ago

    Good luck guys and fair play

  • 51120117dfac21272c49550bafb3b28f? nophoto

    Sharon Hackett

    $515.00 / 498 days ago

    Hope the trainings going well - conditions not entirely like Ireland! Good luck to you all 👍

  • 8e7fbc58424444028c8ec3381ffe8cc3? nophoto

    Breifne Ryan

    $720.00 / 501 days ago

    Fair play lads

  • 943c17b1f409b7ac0c64545545963bd2? nophoto

    Katie Chapman

    $420.00 / 501 days ago

  • 265c69368283d18402a12cdeeddf2e98? nophoto

    Claire McArdle

    $875.50 / 503 days ago

    Best of luck

  • C75928b4def591a3888fc1313c045a50? nophoto

    Patrick McArdle

    $1,730.40 / 503 days ago

    Best of luck Pat & Helen McArdle

  • 345e1504acd169bfd39e06536650dc1c? nophoto

    Niall Murphy

    $531.48 / 503 days ago

  • Aa99397b756ad5823c9858d8cd985db3? nophoto

    Jonathan Oliver

    $515.00 / 504 days ago

  • 05141b4dd7fe93159473a1c457871fdc? nophoto

    Karl Creevy

    $437.75 / 504 days ago

    Well done to you all for doing this guys! What a great thing to do and best of luck with it!

  • 87652808531bcfc6d403801339c5b589? nophoto

    Wesley Reid

    $420.00 / 505 days ago

  • 41173c51646709ee36054bce50a8dc3d? nophoto

    Michael Sheldon

    $1,000.00 / 505 days ago

    Enjoy the run - keep climbing!

  • C72a29f632071b1b202d8e6fce1191c9? nophoto

    Federico Pascual

    $515.00 / 505 days ago

    Best of luck all!

  • E795ae6b975de16cfe08e52c0a1c3477? nophoto

    Yat Lam Wong

    $500.00 / 505 days ago

  • E7252eef1eca47510dfacf9649ae38af? nophoto

    Claore Mcwalter

    $850.00 / 505 days ago

    Good luck and well done for doing it. Enjoy!

  • 5b7e8653cf8736e3b27e541c434460e4? nophoto

    Aoife Robinson

    $1,030.00 / 506 days ago

    Best of luck everyone!

  • Ef9946c0fa9eeaaf7076dfbff9d616b7? nophoto

    Fiona Johnston

    $500.00 / 506 days ago

    Great work guys

  • E3ac861af99be69d8bdd3d512a38ad7c? nophoto

    Conor Chakravarty

    $927.00 / 506 days ago

    Well done for taking the initiative and best of luck.

  • 5a1e9c89446af5c16a10adb77983bfb5? nophoto

    Danny Gao

    $1,200.00 / 506 days ago

    A great cause and very challenging task... Good luck guys!!

  • 55d66972b6f4df88d18f0fc922bcc288? nophoto

    Niall Barrett

    $721.00 / 506 days ago

    best of luck gents!

  • 63f5166c6c64052149291799e2567dc2? nophoto

    Eun Jee Kim

    $2,000.00 / 506 days ago

    Go team HK 👏👏👏

  • F1112ae6009b6ab5e03087dd5a4f2d02? nophoto

    Anne-Marie Gaffney

    $515.00 / 506 days ago

    Best of Luck :)

  • 223cbacda7e1f05c770ed57c33615df7? nophoto

    Ellen Sadlier

    $432.60 / 506 days ago

    Best of luck all!

  • 516aec690beb5967a5ca945ae1bc42fc? nophoto

    Rotha Johnston

    $5,000.00 / 506 days ago

  • Avatar person


    $216.30 / 507 days ago

    Best of luck to the team- fantastic cause !

  • 14e5eb9e7e55c6a585a21bb3da995d51? nophoto

    Conor Burns

    $1,000.00 / 507 days ago

  • 77efb5f43db48038da3ece762d46b89a? nophoto

    Brian Harvey

    $2,060.00 / 507 days ago

    Guys, Go easy on Nic. We all know how old he is!

  • 8ebf296b1d8491e85b00fca038ef7bd9? nophoto


    $1,000.00 / 507 days ago

  • 0e495d1ba25a28e3292eaab78c622627? nophoto

    Cora Mccormack

    $440.00 / 507 days ago

  • Cec0871f63929156c73e214e33260821? nophoto

    Fearghal O'Hanlon

    $1,030.00 / 507 days ago

    Good luck all!

  • 4a2790d2242624155a1484b9da5841aa? nophoto

    Peter Callanan

    $2,155.79 / 507 days ago

    All the very best to the four of you! Thanks for opportunity to support a great cause. Look forward to seeing some photos in due course.

  • C5d51555ed4275b646eaf1e5e8553f0e? nophoto

    Aine Connolly

    $432.60 / 507 days ago

    Great cause and best of luck

  • 0767557ea352ac6c966bbdddcad4c07c? nophoto

    Vincent Hibbert

    $432.60 / 507 days ago

    A great challenge for a great cause - well done, all!

  • F04be052714be39132d92ed15033ff1f? nophoto

    Matthew Dawson

    $849.75 / 507 days ago

    Good luck, would love to be joining you.

  • Ae30c1361e3eacd9dc8bcda90dc9cbac? nophoto

    Fiona McDonnell

    $210.00 / 507 days ago

  • C7a152534008f44aff58991ee55f29ba? nophoto

    Michael Littleton

    $1,030.00 / 507 days ago

    Great cause. Best of luck

  • 6477ea5ccdad4b8a3803d829c68d9826? nophoto

    Nicolas Clouet

    $5,000.00 / 507 days ago

  • D197bbd4c58d7ac045ba6215cdd4a372? nophoto

    Adrian Dharsan

    $1,000.00 / 507 days ago

    Well done guys!! Great initiative. Jealous I cant join... :)

  • Avatar person


    $1,030.00 / 507 days ago

    Best of luck Brian, Nic, Kevin & Martin

  • Avatar person


    $1,030.00 / 507 days ago

    Best of luck to the HK team

  • Bfcbd8147c3c9bb22a8e771ab12b2027? nophoto

    Brian Mcardle

    $1,030.00 / 507 days ago

    Climb on lads

  • Avatar person


    $1,000.00 / 507 days ago

    Great cause

  • Avatar person


    $1,030.00 / 507 days ago

    Best of luck guys!

  • D9feb380083ce5670eac0cc66e3e1f79? nophoto

    Mark McCoy

    $420.00 / 508 days ago

  • 7fc61ea76b346d93f7a29251e6e5adb5? nophoto

    Matt Mccoy

    $566.50 / 508 days ago

  • D05bd865c5d4131b961db5ab805c0b35? nophoto

    Caitriona Jennings

    $1,000.00 / 508 days ago

  • F2d3c74e53f91836ac15fc134881cccc? nophoto

    Daniele Cassidy

    $103.00 / 509 days ago

About Team SMBC Aviation Capital Hong Kong- 3 Peaks Challenge

RUN is a local Hong Kong based charity that focuses on the most vulnerable refugees in Hong Kong, particularly women, offering them the opportunity to rehabilitate and recuperate through running and other sports. 

Refugees in Hong Kong are only provided with HK$1,200 (c. €142) per month for food allowance and HK$1,500 (€178) per month for rent which, in a city with living costs as high as Hong Kong, unfortunately doesn’t travel too far. This limited support is exacerbated by the fact that refugees are not afforded the right to work in Hong Kong. As most of the refugees have fled war torn parts of the world, the outbreak of initially the anti-government protests and subsequently the Covid-19 pandemic has led to a sharp increase in PTSD amongst refugees in Hong Kong. In extreme cases this has required some volunteers to provide around the clock care and counselling services to the most at risk refugees. 

In addition, RUN also provides a comprehensive relocation and rehabilitation service whereby refugees are given the opportunity to settle in other countries, mainly Canada, where they have greater rights, such as the right to gain employment and make a living. On a more basic level, this increase in PTSD has also led to a general reluctance of refugees to travel outside of their homes out of fear which has restricted their ability to access basic requirements such as food. As a result of this, RUN has had to increase their spending levels to both provide the food and also provide delivery services to the refugees. 

Our fundraising target of €5,000 (c.HK$42,000) will provide RUN with the financial resources it requires to meet the needs of some of the most vulnerable individuals in Hong Kong. Additionally, SMBC Aviation Capital has agreed to provide a generous matched funding donation should we meet our fundraising target.

With your help a real difference can be made to those most in need in Hong Kong. 

Thank you for your support, 
Martin, Nicolas, Brian, and Kevin

[Euro – Hong Dollar conversion rates: 
€25 = HK$210 
€50 = HK$420 
€100 = HK$840 
€200 = HK$1680]

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